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Feb 16, 2013 6:30pm PST
't rule this country, you do, sir, and your profession does. you tell us what to love, what to hate, what's important, what's not. you have a position of power and i think it's being abused maliciously sometimes. >> we caught up with the 67-year-old mcafee in portland, oregon, which is a far cry from the warm beaches of belize where he's wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor. so, what would you tell them if i am the belizean government asking you if you had any role in his murder? >> absolutely none and they know this. they know i'm not involved in the murder. they haven't questioned anybody else. so, i had nothing to do with it. i know nothing about it. i'm willing to talk to them in any neutral country on the planet. i've offered that. i'll talk to them on the phone. i'll talk to them through skype. >> you talk about selling yourself in terms of a movie that might be coming out and selling your story. well, sex sells, is it true about all the women we read about in your life, five or six girls at a time, you have teenage girls? >> it is absolutely true. i have teenage gir
Feb 2, 2013 6:30pm PST
offering no response, earlier this month the guard did send us a statement that read in part, under the direction of general baldwin there has been an ongoing effort to improv the cultural climate of the california national guard. >> i can't believe that the huge chain of command can't take care of people. >> they like to keep this a dirty little secret. they like to keep knit the closet. people are getting fed up and it's time for change. >> we confirmed the guard now has a copy of the petty report. we were referred to the national guard bureau in washington dc that says that the national guard bureau cannot comment on matters which are not part of the public record. now take a look. this light under the bridge raises questions. >> this time we turn our focus to an incident connected with 1 of the world's most famous landmarks, the golden gate bridge. but the story is in the decisions that followed. its exclusive video showing ill advised helicopter trip originating from the field. >> when you watched this video, how did you react? >> kind of in disbelief. i have never seen any mis
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2